Surface Repairs


Chips are a common damage to tubs, showers, and even vanities. They can happen on any surface. Sometimes it's just a simple drop of the razor, or even a hammer during remodel, but either way, you're left with a damaged spot on your tub. To prevent further damage around the chip (rust, delamination of finish, etc.), it is important to get them fixed as soon as possible. Be sure to check out our Gallery for before/after photos!

Chipped Steel Tub
Chipped Steel Tub Deck


Cracks are one of most common damages we see in fiberglass tubs and showers, but the can also happen on most other surfaces. They can be anywhere, from the very top, to the floor. Cracks are a little more severe in the sense that water could potentially get behind the unit, which could result in even more damages, not only to the unit itself, but also to surrounding areas. Cracks left unrepaired can spread, worsening the problem.

Cracked Gelcoat
Crack in Vikrell Top Corner

Check out the picture after our repair here!

Other imperfections

This category can range from scratches, surface blemishes, stains, holes, or anything else that wouldn't be considered a chip or crack.

Hole on shelf

This shelf was hit by a hammer during construction causing a hole. You can check out the before/after photo of this unit in the Gallery section.

Tub deck with misdrilled holes for plumbing

This unit was drilled in the wrong spot during construction. These holes were repaired where you couldn't even tell anything was wrong with the unit. Check out the before/after in the Gallery!

Stained floor on gelcoat tub

This tub had been stained from sheetrock being left in the tub during water testing. We were able to repair the stain, returning the finish to its new appearance.

Dull surface on gelcoat tub

This tub deck had been dulled with a harsh, abrasive cleaner, and was also scratched heavily. We were able to bring the surface back to new! Before/after photo can be seen in our Gallery!