Refinish & Restoration

Bring that old tub back to life!

Blue cast iron tub refinish

What is a refinish?

Refinishing is the process of applying paint over the original finish that is worn or in need of a color change. The materials we use are specifically designed for bathtub refinishing to ensure the best performance and finish is achieved. The refinish process is done in less than a day and ready to use within 24 hours.

    Refinishing is great for units that need:
  • Color change
  • Severely damaged surface
  • When finish has been worn thin

What is a restoration?

Restoration brings the original finish back to its new appearance, without the use of paint. No mess, no odor, a much cleaner process. The restoration materials bond with the porcelain surface, giving it rejuvenated life, without the worry of peeling or chipping. Restoration is the perfect option for tubs that have a good surface, just have lost that shine and new appearance. You'll be amazed at the difference a restoration can make!

    Restoration is perfect for:
  • Dull finishes
  • Slightly discolored surfaces that can be chemically cleaned

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