A few before/after photos of work we have done

Chipped Steeltub

Chipped steel tub deck

This tub had been chipped on the front deck from something dropping on it. The chip was spot repaired using specialized fillers are paint color matched to the surface to restore the unit back to the original appearance and functionality. The paints we use are designed to be used on bathing units and are color matched to ensure a perfect finish.

Badly Chipped Steeltub

Bad chips on steel tub

This tub had several chips throughout the entire unit from a recent remodel where the original tile surround around the unit had been removed and let fall into the unit, chipping of the porcelain in many areas. We were able to spot repair all the chips and return the unit to its original appearance without the need for a complete refinish or replacing the unit.

Unsupported floor crack

Unsupported floor crack

This shower was in a football locker room in a local high school. Needless to say, it got a lot of use! When we were called out, it was about a 12" crack along the floor. After opening the floor up, there was no support under the area where the crack had developed. We closed the area up using boards and concrete to bring support right up to the bottom of the unit. After we had support, we put layers of fiberglass back over the area, making the floor one solid piece again. Once the floor was all one piece, we were able to apply paint back to the unit to give it that new appearance and functionality again.  We even applied a non-skid texture to the floor for safety, which is hardly visible.

Cracked Vikrell top wall

Crack on Vikrell rear wall

This Vikrell unit had been cracked during installation. We were able to repair the crack and blend the repair so you could never tell there was any damage.

Blue cast iron tub refinish

Blue cast iron tub refinish

This classic cast iron tub was actually previously refinished white by another company, but had started peeling and showing through the baby blue porcelain when we arrived. We completely removed the damaged previous refinish, getting the unit back to the original finish (that nice baby blue color!). Once there, we were able to properly prep the unit for a refinish and apply our refinish materials to bring this unit back to a beautiful, new finish. They were going to retile the unit after we finished.

Chipped vanity corner

Chipped vanity edge

This vanity had been broken off at the corner during construction, apparently a heavy item had fallen on it right on the corner, causing the whole thing to break off. We were able to rebuild the corner so you could not tell any damage had occurred.

Scratched gelcoat tub deck

Scratched tub deck

This gelcoat tub deck had been scratched pretty heavily. We were able to remove the scratches and bring the surface back to perfection!

Dull and scratched gelcoat tub deck

Dull and scratched gelcoat tub deck

This unit had been dulled by the use of harsh and abrasive cleaners. We removed the damage and brought the surface back to a bright and shiny finish!

Hole on composite shelf

Hole from hammer on shelf of composite shower unit

This shelf was on a composite (Vikrell) shower unit. During construction it was hit by a hammer, causing this hole. It was filled with fiberglass and painted to bring back a perfect surface where you could never tell that any damage was done!

Misdrilled plumbing holes on gelcoat tub

Misdrilled plumbing holes on gelcoat tub

This gelcoat tub was accidentally drilled on the wrong side for the plumbing. Fortunately we were able to repair the holes on the deck so the tub could be installed properly and never tell this mistake was ever made!

Accessibility cut down

Accessibility cut down

This unit was in a home with 2 bathroom, both of which only had tubs. The homeowner was having a hard time stepping over the ledge to get in and out of the unit due to a bad knee. They were quoted over $2,000 to remodel the bathroom to replace the tub with a tile shower! For a fraction of that price, we were able to cut down the front ledge making it much easier to step into and out of the unit. The essentially changes the unit from a standard tub into a shower. The finish is identical to the rest of the unit, it looks like the tub was manufactured that way! This whole process was done in 1 day, and the unit was ready to use the next day. A remodel would have taken many days, and cost many times what this cut down cost.

Cultured marble sink bowl repair

Cultured Marble Sink Bowl Repair

This sink was in cracked and chipped in the bowl around the drain. It had also been badly stained. We were able to repair the cracks and paint the bowl with a perfect blend into the original surface so it looked just like new without having to completely refinish or replace the entire vanity!