About Us

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Who we are

CN Bath Repair is a small, local company, specializing in tub, shower, and vanity repairs throughout the Dallas Fort Worth and surrounding areas. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.  We respect our clients, are honest and upfront about our procedures and prices, and will work as hard as possible to keep you, our customer, satisfied with the work we do.

With over 10 years of experience repairing tubs, showers, vanities, and even the occasional boat, you can trust us to repair your unit to its pre-damaged state.  We have pretty much experienced it all, from the smallest blemish in the surface, to basketball sized holes in walls, all of which are repairable. We repair all surface, structural, and mechanical issues. Nothing is too small or too big to repair.

Our craftsmanship

We only use top of the line materials during our repair process.  We don't use poor quality "shelf" materials to repair units, which ultimately will fail.  Using proper materials, thorough preparation, and highest of standards for the work we do, our repairs will outlast any do-it-yourself repair kits or "patch jobs" done by handyman services.  You can trust an expert to repair your unit.

  • Our work comes with a warranty
  • High quality, manufacturer approved repair materials
  • Highly skilled at all types of damages
  • Courteous and professional
  • We know our best advertisement is word of mouth, so we'll do everything we can to make sure you want to be that "advertiser" for us!